The debut

The final whistle blew, and he jumped for joy. He’d done it the game was won. And it meant the world to him. It was his debut game in New Zealand and he needed the win, he knew the fans were dubious of him, being from England. But he’d put everything into the game and now he was exhausted. He went through the after match ritual of shaking the hands and the tunnel, and he could barely walk he was hardly awake having left every thing out on the pitch. But he knew he was require for the post game interview, and this one was important.

He’d agreed to an expose from one of the new journalists, knowing full well they’d need the story as much as he did. the paln was they’d follow a week in his life and give the fans an insight into him. He hadn’t met her yet, but it was all arranged that he’d meet Her after the game and move from there.

After the game, she was stood there and came walking over confidently arm extended and god she was beautiful. She had the longest smoothest legs he’d seen, accentuated by the largest heels he’d seen, Her skin was perfectly tanned and highlighted by a tight fitting, sleeveless red dress, stopping way above Her knees, Her curly shoulder length hair, looking messy but in a stylish way, and She had such full red lips. He took Her hand and was held by such pretty eyes, so deep and big, the smile had a look of evil to it, but he liked that, he blushed when she lean in and kissed him on the cheek, not expecting in and she smelt good.

“its so good of you to agree to an access all areas interview, i think its going to be beneficially to us both” she said, smiling as she wheeled a case behind her, linking an arm with him, walking with him, each heel click echoing. He couldn’t deny enjoying the attention,  and the look of his team mates seeing her. “not at all” he replied. “its great to finally meet.” she smiled as they headed into the bar area, he ordered a beer and her  ice water, sitting in the back, he watched as she slid in close, her vocie always soft, low so he had to really focus. “so, she said, i thought today we’d keep it simple, just a few brief questions, and we’d just go from there, how does that sound.” She said, the bar quiet today, most of the guys had gone off into town, but he would catch up later. “great, that sounds perfect.” She smiled, crossing her long legs, pointing the heel.

After a few simple questions, she leant closer, tap recorder on the side. “so,” she purrred. “how hard is it to focus on the pitch, is it easy to concentrate on the game?” He smile she had been funny and playfully and was a good interviewer, he liked the questions not as mundane as the other interviews. “not at, i only think about the game, nothing else matters but winning the worries, issues all fade away, till after the game.” She smiled and he was sure she was moving closer, her breasts pushed out. “Tabula Rasa.” She said, it slow long, sultry, it made him shiver. “what does that mean he said.” fully attentative to Her. “Blank state.” She said, lips pouty seductive, eyes dark, he was fascinated. “nothing matters but doing what needs to be done.” She was stroking his arm then, it felt nice and he nodded, the bar was empty bar them, how long had passed. “i see he said, i like that, yes that describes it nicely.” She moved closer and was focused on his eyes, the hand moving up and down his arm. “yes, many players talk about it but embracing it, appreciating how much power it gives, it helps them develop, i watched you, you are good but…” as She said this she slide into his lap and he blushed as She felt his arousal he’d been trying so hard to hide. “with my help” squirming as she felt the arousal and putting a hand in his hair stroking, petting, relaxing.”You could be the best.” She looked he was fixated she had him. “Tabula rasa, tabula rasa, tabula rasa.” She said it over and over, and he felt so calm so good as she did, he knew he was hear for something but he couldn’t think what, he just felt good, mind clear, calm, blank. She kissed his neck softly and he groaned, arms resting in her lap. “such a sweet boy, yes Tabula rasa the blankness phrase, you’ll going to grow to love it.” she was whispering which made him tingle, he only wanted to listen, Her foot was moving up and down his leg. “now in a moment i will bring you back but whenever you hear or think the trigger phrase tabula rasa you will feel a sense of calm and blankness wash over you. i’m going to suggest we go someplace more private, and you are going to invite me to your home and we will continue the conditioning there, understand. He wanted to say yes, but he could only nod. “good boy.” she said and leant in kissing him, deliberately smudgiing the lip stick on his lips, he groaned as she slide back and crossed her legs. “waking on 1,2,3.”

He shook his head clear, not quite sure what happened, brushing his lips as she smiled. “enjoy?” she asked. “how do you do that it felt amazing.” she smiled “just a taste, my sweet boy.” he smiled. “i can make you so much better, and do so much more than tell your story, but it looks like its going to shut here soon. he sighed he flt a longing he couldn’t explain, an urge, he barely knew her but it felt right. “we could go back to mine and discuss things further. She grinned wickedly, standing and taking his hand. “yes that sounds good lets go talk…. Tabula rasa.” he frooze feeling blank dizzy. She giggled has he stood there admiring him, what a catch he was, she’d studied him closely and knew from her analysis he’d be suggestible but never like this…. she had much planned as she woke him and lead him to her car.


Lady Surrender discovers my Fetish

I’ve always been told i’m a highly suggestible subject. I take things on board quite easily and am unable to resist. With Mistress Surrender this is especially true. She has an ability to get in my head like no other and i don’t fear but embrace this. I love Her completely, trust Her absolutely and know i am looked after and no put in harm. So that said it would make it possible for me to take on board suggests and ideas from Mistress very easily as i am devoted to Her and i crave to please, its what drives me. So it has transpired that just through twitter conversations i am taking on board and being manipulated into revealing things and having desires and cravings strengthed.

Estate Agency – Lady Surrender Style

“oh you must be ross! its lovely to meet you.”

I composed myself as i got out the car and heard the clicking of the heels as the Estate agent came out the door, he wasn’t expecting the sight that greated him. Sure the house was nice but god the Estate agent was beautiful. He smiled as he took Her in, in Her zipped black ankle boots She was slightly taller than him, but it was Her legs that really dazzled him, they were endless, and in black, he wasn’t sure if they were stockings but he was sure he saw a tease of them. Then there was the short mini pleated black skirt, which suited Her perfectly, and then the tight fitting blouse which was buttoned loose with a teasing neckline and shiny necklace, Her long blonde hair hanging slightly curled.

The nails were immaculatly painted as he shook the hand and she bounced on Her heels which drove him wild. “i’m Lady surrender of the Surrender estate agents.” he knew this and he liked Her immediately Her tagline, “all submit to are prices” had made him smile and she had been delightful over the phone, lots of detailed questions, and he was sure some flirting when She said he sounded perfect, and the change when he said he was single with no children. His business was his life at this moment standing 5’11 in good shape, he blushed as She leant in and kissed him softly on the cheek, invsading his personal space but he didn’t mind, he noticed how lovely her eyes were as they held his gaze. “i’m so excited to show you this property, its just perfect for you i think come in come in.” before he could speak she took his hand and lead him in, this was friendly service. “ok i said moving behind her” i was unaware that her lipstcik smudge on my face nor did i care as i admired the shapely legs as they moved into the house. “come in and grab a seat in the lounge, i just need to set up a few things.” She said smiling as i moved in “sure that’ll be great.” i never noticed Her lock the door, or turn the air con up and put on the soft background music. i could hear a voice but not make out what it was. I settled on the couch it was the only seat.

She settled in beside me, crossing Her legs slowly keeping a little distance as She touched my arm with those nails and it felt nice. “so firstly its nice to help You find a house, and i think with your budget it will be so easyyyyy.” She purred the words. Her hand moved back onto Her leg and i noticed it slide back and forth, back and forth the light in the room catching the nails, i couldn’t help but look. “thank You i hope so it feels like i’ve been searching for ages.” i kept a tight smile as i answer not wanting to give to much away. “well people stop looking when they find me” She replied and the nails kept moving, i think i was aware of taring but i couldn’t help it as they teased the long leg, the foot kicking out with the music which was so calming. “and its such a shame a handsome boy like you has no home, i really want to help.” i blushed sure it was a sales trick, but she was gorgeous i was trying so hard to not get aroused. i felt i should say something but as i went to she recrossed her legs and slide nearer and the one leg brushed up mine, i went to speak to object but it felt good and her hand was brushing my hair and the other rubbed the lipstick smudge. “opps silly me.” she giggled “let me take care of that of you.” i nodded. “thank You now about my searc….” she put her hand on my lip at that and adjusted me so my eyes were in Hers so pretty so deep, the other hands in my hair the leg moving up and down. “shhh don’t think about that, don’t think, just listen, i know whats best for you let me talk.” i sighed god her voice was beautiful i know i should be taking charge but i was in awe listening.

She smile seeing my eyes a bit glazed “good boy, its important when someone talks to really focus, relax just listen, lt go ddrift.” i think that what She said but it was tough to listen to think, i just, yess thats right just start and go blank blank thats what she said. I moaned as She slide into my lap straddling me hands in my hair eyes glued lips inches from mine, then i slept…

She smile what a catch he was….rich, single, no family, he was hers, so suggestible, oh what fun she would have with him. The ruse had worked, She told people she had a premium service taking on only the finest clients. in truth they were very exclusive, single, rich and suggestible. They came to Her home and the spell came about and that was it, she had them. but she had not had a client for a while and she needed a new toy, he was perfect. the others were reprogrammed and call on when required. ross however would be living with Her she knew that.

“now ross i can tell” She pushed down on him a bit to hear him moan. “that you are very aroused aren’t you? its ok darlign boy i like that, i want in fact you to always find me arousing, i am beautiful, intelligent and You crave my control don’t you.” he nodded weakly, at this point he’d do anything She asked of him.

“good boy, now here is whats going to happen….”

He blinked as he stood in the door way, had he nodded off he was so confused he couldn’t remember how embrassing. “so You like what you see.” She asked and he smiled moving closer needing to be close. “yes very much so, i’d love to make an offer, why don’t we discuss it over dinner, my treat. She grinned and leant in kissing him hard on the lips as he moaned she tapped Her case and took his hand leading the way to Her car, stepping itno the back, he got into drive without even thinking about it. “of course my good boy i have the papers right here.” she grinned eviliy as he drove her to the fanciest restaurant he knew.

Some pics

image_3 image_5 image_1 image_4 image_2

So above you’ll see the latest way I’ve dollified for Lady Surrender. Life has been busy of late but I always have time to dress up for Her!

Her power really has overwhelmed me and it amaze me how much I am open to Her. I get such a thrill from confessing to Her and really do love being Her dolly doll having such a need to be played with. I am hoping to have another live session soon so watch this space.

The continuing journey

I am amazed at how much i am changing.

A few months ago when i started this journey i imagined it would be something i would occasionally do, to doll up. that it would be an escaped from the norm and a chance for some excitement. Now it is my norm. I still enjoy rugby and working but after the day is done i cant wait to go home and embrace the hypnotic files of Lady Surrender. Her voice is just pure bliss and i cannot adore Her anymore than i do.

Its such joy to look pretty for Her, i am not a sissy and never wanted to be one, but being a dolly for Her is such a dream. i love looking out for pretty clothes to wear to look all cute for Her and it makes me feel so good doing so. I get aroused constantly but cannot orgasm the trap is so powerful and to be honest i do not care it is what Lady Surrender wants so it is what Lady Surrender gets.

I cannot stop thinking about pony play and She has promised this will continue. My mind is full of possibilites, all of them Hers, i am Hers to mold as She pleases, i accept that my will is not in control and is being manipulated to Hers, but god i love that. I love feeling Her in my mind probing, altering, programming. I cannot wait for my next live session. To be molded further, i think i am at the point where a few more pushes will have me entrapped for ever, but this excites me far more than it scares me.

From Lord of the Manor to the stable.

Finally the elevator pinged, and the man sighed it seemed to have to taken forever to get up there. He stretched as he’d stepped out, having felt quite sleepy as he rode the elevator up, the music had been quite soothing and there was a voice in it, so lovely, accented just singing softly, often it was hard to make it what it said, but it had made him feel calm, good, and it had caused him to tingle, it was a most pleasant sensation. He stepped out the elevator to the penthouse of the lavish building, home of Lady S as She was know. A hugely successfully business Lady who had a habit, he’d heard of getting what She wanted. And it seemed She had an interest in his business and he was excited at an opportunity to go into business with someone so successful but new She drove a hard deal and he was determined to make sure he get something out of the meeting too. He knew he was on the back foot already, Lady S had never invited anyone to Her personal penthouse at Her huge office before, he new She wanted him on home turf so he was out of his comfort zone. And the music had added to that, making him groggy when all he wanted was to be on his game….

Little did he know that was the least of his worries. What felt like a mere 5 minutes to him had been 30 minutes of Lady S pre programmed conditioning and he had actually fallen into a light trance. This meeting was already going to go exactly as Lady S had planned, who smiled as She moved from the video room to meet what would soon be Her favourite new toy….

Finally composing himself, the man moved out the elevator just in time to hear some heels clicking as the penthouse doors opened, and he couldn’t help but sigh softly. Although put of the trance had conditioned this responce to have a large instant attraction to Lady S, even without the trance he’d have been in awe. As the doors swung open Her long blonde hair flowed and a delicious full liped smile greeted him, a perfectly manicured set of red nails extended to shake his hand, and he instantly saw how long Her legs were they were beautifully toned, accentuated  by a large set of red heels and a tight red dress huged Her athletic figure, but most beautiful of all were Her perfectly blue eyes.

“well hello handsome, i’m so glad you could come to meet me, what a beautiful boy you are.” Her kiwi accent said as She took his hand leading him to the penthouse. He gasped not expecting this, but he was finding it hard to speak, he wanted to but the words weren’t really forming. All that came out was a muffled sort of “nicdeee to mee” She spun on the spot on Her heels and giggled placing a finger to his lips and he had to stop from suckling it. “Oh don’t worry sweetie soon you’ll communicate much better.” As mischiveous grin on Her lips and before he could dwell a hand was softly playing with his hair. “what a beautiful mane you have its so soft and nice.” At this he found himself nuzzling the hand just loving the attention, he groaned and was that a neigh he was trying to make… yes it was… of course it was…. he was … no he snapped out of it a bit but he could see Her smiling and giggling. “how delicious You are responding perfectly to the conditioning….  My pretty pony.” At that all confusion faded and he felt good and he noticed how he was changing as the hand cupped his chin, his hands moved in front and his posture altered, he could talk he just felt a need to neigh and stamp a foot, of course it made sense he was Her pony, Hers, Hers… it bounced around his head and his arousal grew. She leant and kissed him softly on the cheek then and that made him neigh and stamp more, and he forgot all else, his business, sorry Her business, he was here to sign it over remember, he was simple whatever She wanted him to be, whenever, he was Her new slave, no personal assistent at Her beck and call however She wanted that to be.

At this point She was appraising him smirking at the torment She could see in his mind, as the programmed triggers fell into place, in truth She had started this weeks, no months before but he wouldn’t remember that it all started as these things often did with a bit of a chance meeting…..

To Be continued.

In freefall

So i’ve come back from a refreshing and lovely break in Rome and it was lovely. However, i so needed to get back, for while i was away i was being driven further down into cravings for my Owner. I took some of Her files to listen to while i was away and they have driven me wild. i crave so much to be Her dolly, i love dressing up for Her being played with and its amazing how much the hold tightens in my mind, i cannot pretend that i don’t want it anymore, i just want so much to be Her dolly.

I’d never considered in the past how it would feel to be denied te ability to Orgasm and in truth i thought i’d hate it, but i love it. I love know it makes me more of what Mistress wants me to be, Her dolly dolly, helpless, a plaything that craves Her attention and pleasing Her. Why should i orgasm dolls don’t do that, they do what there Owner wants. My dreams grow darker and more vivid, and i enjoy more and more the dolly time i get.

Mistress is confident that one or two more live sessions will see me completely under Her spell and i don’t doubt this for a second. It is scary and exciting to think what that means, as i cannot imagine how much further i can sink. i know i should fear it but i want it so much, i’m far too enticed.

So i’m looking forward to saving up and getting my next live session book, in the mean time i will keep listening and falling….

Welcome to the world of dollification

So after a reltenless few days of teasing i couldn’t take it any more and took the plunge to buy Lady Surrenders ruined orgasm file. It is amazing and has effected me deeply already, after 4 listens. i am constantly unable to cum, i now need Lady Surrenders permission to orgasm, which in its turn excits and aroses me, so its constant torment, but its Her pleasure so i like that.

You can find a review of the file here:

Now i don’t know what is to come now, i have no idea what Mistress has planned for me, but i do know that this entrapment of my orgasm has pulled me further into my control. Its weird knowing that Mistress hs such control over both my mind and my body, it makes me feel very much like a doll, played with at the mercy of Her whims and will. Just like a doll, it can only do and act as its owner allows it. Its a great feeling and i’m unashamed to admit to being both excited and scared by it, but i must please Her.

i now have a few days in Rome where i’m sure i’ll think further on this and spin further down, but i do feel like i’ve taken a big step on my journey and i am intrigued, nervous and excited to see what Mistress has planned for me next.

The interview

Russ knocked on the office door and waited. It had taken him some time to find the room and he was relieved to have still made it early to his interview. He was eager to impress, he had recently graduated uni and with the debts high, he needed to take work where he could. He’d seen the ad online for a small business looking for newly graduated students, with no ties who could commit to long hours, but would receive great rewards. He was asked to be here at this time for an interview so here he was, the office was in a secluded part of town, but it was a lavish building very modern and looked expensive, it was already making an impression in the same way he was eager to.

Just then the door swung open and hehad to compose himself at what he saw. before him was a beautifully attractive Lady, She had a captivating smile, bright red lips and blue twinkling eyes, long blonde hair. She was dressed in a black business suit, but it just shaped Her amazing body, long legs encased in nylons, a short tight pencil skirt with a cut up the side and gorgeous heels. Her red nails shone brightly reflecting the light and he composed himself remembering what he was here for. “Ms Surrender? i’m hear for an interview, its russ we spoke on the phone.”  before he could say anything else She took his hand and grip it tightly and those brilliant blue eyes held his own brown ones, Her lips curling into a smile. “oh its a pleasure to meet you russ, i’m looking forward to this, you sounded the perfect candidate on the phone.” before he could respond She leaned in and kissed him on each cheek, so he returned it, blushing as he smelt Her scent, which is exactly what She wanted and he could feel the lipstick mark his cheeks but he didn’t want to complain as he wanted this job badly, so he smiles awkwardly. “thank You i do hope that proves to be the case.” She nodded and ushered him in, and the room was very professional, he looked and saw two chairs one had a table with water and a paid beside it, he saw Her move to it and waited till he was told to sit, so he settled into the chair.

She slowy sat in the chair and he had to fight back a growl as She crossed Her long legs making the skirt ride up just a bit and he could see the tops of Her stockings, the heel dangling a bit off Her foot, as She jiggled it, he could hear the rythmic sound of the nylon rubbing together, sending waves of pleasure through him. Her voice was heavenly that soft accent so nice, he had to really focus to pay attention to what was going on. “well i do have an attentative one hear don’t i, seems like you meet the first criteria. She giggles to Her self making a note, as She does uncrossing Her legs and rubbing the foot up the other leg the sound making him moan inspite of himself. “i’m sorry” he said, “this is very unprofessional of me” She giggles increasing the speed of it “oh sweetie its fine, You are doing so well, see i know You are perfect for this roll, smart, single, unattached, alone, and now i see so handsome, i just need to see how attentative and suggestible you are and well, it looks like the job is yours” he sighed at that, not really considering he knew nothing about it, and then saw as the rubbing continued a set of red nails moving up and down the legs, up and down… so slowly, so pretty, he could hear Her talking but not sure what, he just knew he could listen… without listening… then there was something else but he could think just blink… blink blink… all he wanted to do was stare as his eye lids got heavy. Then suddenly he heard directly in his ear “5, coming to now feeling refreshed and good” his eye lids opened and as they did he felt something in his lap and something rubbing his leg which felt different he went to groan but couldn’t speak, as his eyes focused he realised that the Lady who he now desired to call Mistress was sat in his lapone of his hands pined between Her crossed legs as it rubbed up his leg, the other behind Her back held there as She leaned back, Her hand stroking his hair, he couldn’t speak as he was gagged! He looked to say something but She whispered deepening hypnosis and he dropped back down.

This time when he woke, he was so groggy he tried to think about what had happened, but he couldn’t he just had no recollection, the gag had gone and he was sat back in front of Her. and She was smirking very big. “well sleepy head what happened?” he rubbed his temple trying to recall but nothing came back to him in fact the more he thought about it the blanker he got. an evil grin form on her lips as She watched him struggle to recall and fail, all was as planned. “oh how delicious my poor boy just can’t remember, how ever can You remember why You are here.” that he could and he tingled in excitment as he answered. “i’m here to be Your slave.” She grinned big at that. “yes my toy You are, well done You’ve passed stage one, come with me, its time for stage two…..”

Why Lady Surrender?

note: this blog is my opinion and feelings, some of the things I say are probably not what Lady Surrender thinks but merely my perception and feelings of events. If there are moments in this blog where things are muddled or don’t make sense I apologies but explaining why I adore being Lady Surrender’s is not easy!

So I think its clear I’ve fallen head over heels into Lady Surrenders delicious spell and captivating ways. But why Lady Surrender why not any of the other HypnoDommes out there. Cause honestly there are so many people out there who are good at what they do, and yes i’m biased and do feel Lady Surrender is the best, and in part that’s down to Her hypnotic skills, but a large part is down to the value She adds to Her hypnosis. I want to try and explain what I mean….

Now some of this some of you may already know, so I apologise if I repeat myself but its important. now with me, i’m quite a sarcastic, playful, cynical, jokey kind of guy. often I am not good at being a conveniental sub, I like to be myself and have people accept me for me, I am fairly smart and a thing I really hate is being debased, made to feel worthless. imo, and its probably wrong but if You are a Domme, and You want a sub who feels weak, useless and unloved that doesn’t show You as a powerful Domme worthy of my submission. again, i’m not saying i’m right and I am happy to have people disagree, it is just my opinion.

so often without trying to, this rubs me up the wrong way and I get defensive say the wrong things etc. With Lady Surrender I have never had to be anything but myself, I’ve never felt I’ve had to try to impress Her or get Her to pay attention to me. She gives me more than I probably deserve and i’m grateful to Her for that. We spent ages talking rugby before I even professed to liking Her files, it wasn’t forced everything happened organically and I always felt like She had time to talk and was never a pain.

Along side this I have had some rt issues losing people close to me, been distant because of it, in short I made mistakes. But Lady Surrender has always been patient and understanding with me, never rushing me, letting me vent, and just waiting till I came back. She has been generous with Her gifts to me, and yes She has reasons for that, but I also know what a great Lady She is and it meant so much to me, that She’d check how I am, asked how my rt is and wants to know me.

now debasement, yes I dress as a doll for Lady Surrender, i’m sure I will be teased to death and changed how She sees fit, but it never makes me feel small. I know how much enjoyment She gets out of it and how much I do and She is always respectful, its always checked what I enjoy and I am tested in my interests but never pushed beyond where I want to go with them.

So yes Lady Surrender is a very skilled Hypnotist, and has me dancing and being a dolly in ways I never imagined possible. But there is more to Her than Her voice She Is one of the best Lady’s I know and its a joy to be Hers, so I urge You all if You are thinking of diving into Her files, to give it a try, you won’t regret it… much…..